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    Our aim is for you to be able to achieve the best that you can in learning and in life. The Health Zone provides you with information about health and well-being which can help you to make positive choices.

    Along with healthy eating and exercise, a healthy person knows how to deal with stress, is self aware about personal safety and has a responsible attitude towards drugs, sexual health and emotional well-being.
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  • General Advice

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  • Healthy Eating

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  • Personal Safety

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  • Drugs Advice

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  • Relationships


    Learning about relationships and sex is an important part of growing up and it is normal to have lots of questions about it. It is vital that you are able to make responsible and well informed decisions about this part of your lives.

    The following websites provide valuable, up to date and accurate information. We would encourage you to discuss the use of these sites with your parents.

  • Emotional Well-Being

    .Emotional Well Being

  • LGBT


    We understand the importance of providing support and acceptance to all young people and believe that through education we can promote a culture that celebrates difference. TGS prides itself as being a school of tolerance – understanding, respect and equality are at our heart. This is why having an understanding and awareness of LGBT issues is so important. The websites below offer support and advice on LGBT issues and broader issues of equality.

  • For Parents

    For Parents.