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    Internet Safety

     The links listed below direct you to a wide range of resources and relevant information on the topics relating to internet safety. 

    All the sites are regularly updated. If you wish to contact the school with any internet or social media concerns you may have, please email the school's e-Safety co-ordinator Mr. Dunphy (

    "Of course nothing would never happen to you or a friend because you know all about the issues and you are so careful............... aren't you!?"

    CLICK HERE to watch 'Where's Klaus': The message is very clear!

  • Parents internet safety guidance

  • Think U Know (Students)

  • Internet Safety and Cyberbullying

  • Security

    Cyber Security



    Since this site was first developed internet technologies have become more advanced and continues to do so.

    However the ability of those intent on stealing your personal data or attacking your pc, 
    laptop or smartphone has also become more sophisticated.

    The advice offered here is very relevant.


    Trojans, spyware, worms, viruses, phishing???????

    If you’re using your computer or mobile to search the net, download or upload files or chat, then you need to know what problems there might be.

    You should be aware of what you can do to protect your personal information, like your bank details, and also how to protect your PC from viruses and other unwanted guests.

    Sorted is a great site that was created by 18yr old Rob Wright in 2006 for Childnet which gives up to date info on all security issues – from what’s out there to what you can do to protect your computer.